My trip to Florida!

Recently, I flew down to Florida with just my sister.

We were meeting my grandparents who have rented a condo there for the winter. This trip has been talked about between us four for years now, so of course it was an amazing trip.

Let me take you through the highlights of the trip, as if you were there :)


First, we went to the airport, which was an absolute disaster. We almost missed our flight twice, and the customs line was too long. Thankfully, our flight was delayed by an hour, but that gave us just enough time to get to our gate for the last boarding calls (and this included us sprinting through the entire airport).


We made it to Florida, and headed straight to the beach. Pretty much every day was a beach day, until we had dinner and went shopping later that night. We never wasted a day :)

florida restaurant

This is a photo of my favourite restaurant we tried throughout the two weeks. It was an Italian restaurant, so the food was amazing and the vibe was so cute. Wishing I could go back.